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The State Cards NFT Collection is a set of cards explaining the current legal status of cannabis for each state.  The information on each card is pulled from Wikipedia.  This is why some of the information is better and more thorough than others.  Each card is a snapshot of that data as of the date the card was created.  As of now, that is the spring of 2021.  Since we expect these things to change over time, the cards will reflect those changes as they are minted.  

Only 10 of each card will ever be made for each minting.  Second mintings will be done for cards when the data changes.  There is one exception...  NJ already sold out and is on its second minting even though nothing changed.  We recently added cards for the 6 US Territories as well!

Here is a preview of some of the cards:

nj card pa card ny card de card 

You can view the collection on the AtomicHub Marketplace

In addition to the State Cards, there are a few logo cards to promote both this site and this collection.  Those look like this.

NFT1 logo promo

For more information, you can just jump straight over to the site that has made all of this possible.


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We have expanded our storefronts to NeftyBlocks! We will be using them for larger drops and promo items.
Click here for our NeftyBlocks drops.  


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we've expanded my storefronts to include OpenSea for some drops.

This site is a completely different animal in terms of NFTs. It runs on the ETH blockchain. It does not use WAX like the others. It is also way more expensive.



If you have any questions, or would simply like to join the discussion, please come see our Discord.  You might even get some free stuff.

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